Raw material is sourced daily from each village according to food safety and quality specifications by taking the quantity coming from the customers into considiration then shipped directly to the central packhouse in Bursa. The selection, sizing and prepacking is made by the production team under the frequent control of the QA team.

Alara fig packhouse is the one and only fig packhouse dedicated to fig packing in Turkey.

Alara has the most sophisticated optical fig packing lines in the World, handling 100 tons of figs per day. There are 350 workers packing per day during the season.

Alara has new variety development projects in different areas to prolong black fig season. Alara is based in Bursa region which has an isolated perfect climate for this most rated type of black fig variety as well as other varieties. Bursa Black Fig variety has exceptional taste and flavour, large in size purple to reddish flesh colour with crunchy seeds and longer shelf life compare to other varieties.

With its highly qualified and quality focused team in the whole chain Alara is one of the biggest exporter of Fresh Black Fig in the world.