The Guardian - Meaty, jammy and very Instagrammable: why figs are having a moment

A hit with foodies, wellness fans and social media stars, figs may well steal the avocado’s crown this year. Here’s how to eat them – for breakfast, lunch and dinner by Lisa Markwell

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A guide to Bursa Black Figs

The fig is the most revered and ancient of fruit trees – mentioned in the Bible, Koran and Torah. “They are a gift from God,” says one of my hosts.

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The Costco Connection - Nature’s sweet treat Turkish black Bursa figs

BLACK BURSA FIGS are among the most prized variety of figs in the world. Grown and handpicked for thousands of years by small family growers in 15 villages around the province of Bursa in Turkey, they’re highly sought after for a number of reasons.

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